Marriage Commission Makes Headway Toward Family Restoration with Education in Public High Schools

Victory Alert: Governor Signs FLE Marriage Bills
(from the Family Foundation)

Governor Tim Kaine yesterday signed into law The Family Foundation’s highest priority legislation supporting marriage. SB 827 and HB 1746 , patroned respectively by Senator Ralph Smith (R-22, Botetourt) and Delegate Brenda Pogge (R-96, Yorktown), will require local schools to teach the benefits, responsibilities, value and challenges of marriage in Family Life Education.

A recommendation of The Family Foundation’s 2007-2008 Marriage Commission, this is a modest, but important step to educating future generations about the positive effects of marriage for men, women, children and communities – something our kids haven’t been learning in FLE until now.

Governor Kaine had a member of his staff join our marriage commission as a non-voting participant. The Governor’s office also publically endorsed the legislation when it was being debated before the Senate Education and Health committee, something that likely helped ensure a unanimous vote in favor of the proposal.

Tomorrow we will do an alert that gives you a chance to thank the Governor for these victories!

Order Your Choose Life Plate Today!
Several of you asked yesterday in response to our announcement that Governor Kaine had signed the “Choose Life” license plate bill about how you can reserve your “Choose Life” plate today. Simply click here , fill out the form and follow instructions regarding payment, and send it in to the address listed at the top of the form. The license plates won’t be available until the law takes affect July 1.

ACTION: Please send an email by clicking the link below and thank Senator Ralph Smith and Delegate Brenda Pogge for their efforts on behalf of legislation adding the benefits and value of marriage to Family Life education.

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