Ballots Toward Family Restoration?

Tuesday, November 3 will witness some major referenda that could make a tremendous difference for families in America. It is important for citizens to understand and be informed as we head to the polls.

For example, the State of Maine will vote on its definition of marriage, as residents can choose to repeal their representatives’ legislative decision to afford marital rights to same sex couples. The Associate Press reports the conundrum of the State’s top executive:AP: “Maine Gov. John Baldacci is urging residents to vote against repealing the state’s same-sex marriage law while acknowledging his past opposition to gay marriage.”

With somewhat confusing statements like this, it is all the more important to be informed. Family minded folks in Maine have had their focus on seeking the creator of marriage. Reminded of the struggle over marriage (that continues to this day) in California in 2007, Lou Engle of The Call, notes that thousands of believers pasted and prayed then in the drive to redefine marriage, and Maine is quite similar. The citizenry has been asked by national Christian leaders and pro-family leaders in Maine toward a fast until next week’s election day. To learn more go to response@thecall.com . Maine will be voting on whether or not to legalize same-sex marriage.

This vote is most significant because no state has of yet voted for same-sex marriage when the people themselves have gone to the polls. States that have legalized it have done it through the judicial system and lobbyist pressured legislatures.

CBN News is reporting that there are additional concerns regarding how a vote to expand marriage to same sex unions could change public education permanently. For more on that story click here.

Two other states have major state wide gubernatorial elections. Virginia and New Jersey are the only states to do so, and will hold statewide elections. With many important issues facing the state of the family, it is crucial that you know where your candidates stand on issues that affect the family.

To help you learn more about the candidates who will appear on your November ballot, The Family Foundation has produced a 2009 Voter Guide. You can print a free, personalized copy of the Voter Guide at FocusVoter.com , which you are allowed by law to take a printed voter guide in with you when you vote. Be prepared to vote a ballot that will lead toward family restoration on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 3.

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