Clinic Regulation can Minimize Abortions and Restore Families

States are reacting to the federal Health Care Reform Act swiftly, most wishing to limit their own involvement in it to protect their state residents, as well as acting to prohibit abortion funding through health care. Other states are making efforts to minimize the many harms that women endure in abortion, now that federal law requires it as part of health care provisions.

While Kansas legislators attempt to tighten their state regulation on late term abortions, the Philadelphia, PA Health Department has recently acted to prevent unsafe abortions, a step in the right direction to protect women and children considering abortion. You can read both stories and more below.

Counties are authorized to regulate clinics very aggressively to protect its citizens from harm. At present, many states and counties are tougher on McDonald's and International House of Pancakes than they are on so-called medical clinics that exclusively provide abortions.

PA Health Dept. Acts To Prevent Abortions At Unsafe Clinic
March 19, 2010
Philadelphia, PA - On Tuesday, the Pennsylvania Department of Health took action to ensure that no other abortionist will begin operating at Kermit Gosnell's West Philadelphia abortion clinic because the facility itself presents a danger to the public.
Gosnell's clinic was raided on February 22, 2010, when authorities discovered filthy and unsafe conditions, along with a collection of aborted babies that stretched by 30 years. Gosnell has been implicated in the abortion deaths of two women along with a lengthy history of botched abortions. Gosnell is known to have operated an abortion clinic illegally prior to Roe v. Wade.
The States of Pennsylvania and Delaware have since suspended Gosnell's medical licenses on an emergency basis.
The Health Department is seeking an order prohibiting abortions at Gosnell's clinic because of dangerous conditions found there. The office has no access for a stretcher in the case of an emergency. In previous emergencies, care was delayed because exit doors were padlocked shut or blocked with debris from the clinic.
Other infractions included the lack of emergency resuscitation equipment. A deficiency report noted that the only source of suction for patients with airway tubes was the same suction machine used for abortions. Filthy and unsanitary conditions were also cited.
Calls made by an Operation Rescue investigator to Gosnell's clinic today were not answered, message boxes were full, and a number for second trimester abortion inquiries for "Ben Gosnell" had been disconnected.
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KS Legislators Will Attempt To Tighten Late-term Abortion Law
Topeka, KS - Pro-life lawmakers are drafting legislation that would require that abortionists report the actual reasons for abortions after 22 weeks. The bill will also allow women or the women's families to sue abortionists for doing the risky abortions for reasons not allowable by law.
The nation's largest late-term abortion clinic once operated in Wichita, Kansas, where late-second and third trimester abortions occurred weekly. It was discovered during an investigation that such abortions were done for frivolous mental health reasons. The state has no record of any late-term abortions being done to save the mother's life or even protect her physical health.
Kansas law specifically prohibits abortions after viability unless the mother's life is threatened or she risks "substantial and irreversible impairment of a major bodily function. That law has been interpreted to include mental health risks as long as the mental health risk poses the same "substantial and irreversible impairment."
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  1. As a Pa resident, I must ask why did it take this long to bust this piece of human refuse? He has been implicated in the deaths of two women, but it took until now to bust him?

    How is this a positive step toward abortion abolition? They will make sure the abortions are safe? Shouldn't have they already been doing that? Kudos PA, for making sure women aren't dying at the hands of a bunch of hacks.

    As for the Federal Funding of Abortion, isn't there an Executive Order ensuring that such funding does not happen? Oh yes, our President, our Congress, and the rest of our government is full of liars and cowards. Ask Rep. Stupak. He committed political suicide at the behest of our President and his party, and also betrayed countless unborn children in the process. I hope those 30 pieces of silver go to good use Bart.

  2. Just this past semester there was a case of a PA doctor, over in the philly area, who was found to have kept many of the unborn children taken from their mother during his operation, as the above article indicates. He was found to have froze the unborn children and then ran studies on them. Upon reading that article earlier in the semester, I wondered how the doctors could perform an act. I can understand a women getting an abortion. In such a desperate time, it might be easy to convince yourself that what you are not carrying a child. However, these doctors actually see the children. It seems to go against the whole mission of the medical field.
    I am glad, though, that PA is doing something about it. I am surprised that this incident was actually found out, knowing the leadership in the Governors office these days. I think, on another note, being a watch dog of these clinics could be a real hands on way of protecting children. I wonder who one would get into that type of work?

  3. Unfortunately, the breakdown of the family and the apathy of the church play a significant role in the abortion problem in our country. While we may be quick to protest and debate with each other, what we need is more people willing to extend Christ's hands towards those in these difficult situations and offer hope. The best way to be pro-life is to be pro-life with your wallet. We need more Christians to be willing to adopt and provide homes for those children outside of the blond-haired, blue-eyed variety.

  4. The article out of Topeka, Kansas highlights the absurdity of "constitutional" jurisprudence on the subject of abortion. The author provides that "abortions were done for frivolous mental health reasons." We have the Supreme Court to blame for the usurpation of federalism and state sovereignty exhibited by required exemptions to state's abortion laws where it is necessary for the "health of the mother." The court has defined the health of the mother so broadly as to encompass not only physical but also psychological health. In light of these easy standards, it is not a stretch to find out that late-term abortions were being performed for "petty reasons such as the women would not be able to attend rock concerts, rodeos, or buy a new computer if they continued their pregnancies."

  5. "Mental health risks" Really? When will we see the end of the shady practices of abortion clinics. In most states one may be indicted for the murder of a fetus in utero, yet out country has upheld laws permitting such attrocities. Saving the life of the mother seems like a plausibly meritorious cause, but as we have seen here, these physicians (if they may be called that) have extended the boundaries of legalized murder once again.

  6. My concern is that making abortion "safer" only legitimizes it. One of the many arguments pro-lifers have against abortion is that the process is unsafe. It seems to me like the other side is trying to say "see-we nipped it in the bud, it's okay now".