Juvenile Girls, Gangs, and Family Restoration

When girls are devalued, families are harmed. Further evidence of that fact is contained in this article by Michele Cavanaugh, Regent University School of Law Candidate (December 2011) entitled "Girls in Gangs: This Ain't the Girl Scouts, but it may be Your Family." Her article examines whether female participation in gangs can be curbed by solutions that restore family strength to society and to girls in a culture where gang affiliation now replaces the family.

She writes, "[T]his article presents and discusses the history of gang research in America and the problems with the early research on female gang participation. [It] touch[es] upon the evolution of female gang members and the growth of female participation in gangs. Section II will cover gang recruitment, the initiation process females must endure, and the reasons females seek membership in the gang. Section III will provide some of the solutions that have emerged to curb gang participation. These solutions focus on implementing polices that strengthens the girls’ connections with their families and community and work to displace the position gangs have taken for girls. In addition, this section will cover the economic benefit received by society through gang prevention and family restoration. Lastly, Section IV concludes that an alternative solution will prevent girls from being lured into gangs by restoring the family structure and the development of community programs. Restoration of the family is essential in providing the strength society and girls need to combat female gang membership."

Read the entire article here. Girls and their protection and safety within families are a pivotal key to large scale family restoration.

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