Sex, Dating and Family Restoration

Why is the divorce rate so high in America today?  Undoubtedly people love each other when they get married.  But why do so many marriages end in divorce?  One pastor is taking on sex, dating and marriage with a special series from a biblical standpoint.  As he confronts this important area of culture and law, he points out that poor dating practices are why marriages are failing today.  
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This four part series by Dr. Andy Stanley of North Point Church in Atlanta, Georgia is designed for every person who ever wants to be happily married.   In each part he deals with different misconceptions about sex, dating and marriage, and eventually leads his audience to the keys for a strong lifelong marriage that averts divorce.  Dr. Stanley disentangles the web of confusion culture has spun and offers keys for family restoration founded in a solid dating experience that leads to marital happiness.
[Thanks to Regent Law 2L John Batchelor for this information and post.]


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  2. Undoubtedly Dr. Stanley’s messages regarding dating, sex and marriage are desperately needed for the church and society at large to combat the divorce epidemic. However, statistically, the number 1 cited reason for divorces in the United States is rarely dealt with during dating or even premarital counseling.

    It fascinates me that despite the fact that it is known what the number 1 reason for divorce is, it’s still rarely talked about. Jesus spoke more about this subject than any other topic in scripture. Yet, the church, in preparing its congregations for marriage, barely touches upon it.

    What is it?

    What causes more divorces than any other reason? Money.

    This has been true for decades prior to this most recent ‘Great Recession’ that the country is currently experiencing. Even during prosperous times, couples still fell deeply into debt and that lack of financial control wreaked havoc on their marriages. While sex and dating are important subjects, the church would do well to focus on preparing the congregations how to handle money God’s way. My favorite money preparation plan is Dave Ramsey’s “Financial Peace University” because he so effectively deals with money and communication between spouses.

    If there is financial peace in the home, there is likely significant marital peace as well. In combating the problem of high divorce rates, it would be wise to address the number 1 reason cited for the divorce in the first place.

  3. I'm always amazed at the number of christian women that I meet that feel that their lives just can't begin until they meet a man and get married - ultimately this feeling results in them going from one relationship to the next looking for Mr. Right, and an incredible downward spiral of depression every time he turns out to be Mr. Wrong. If you are a christian woman, and are still single, maybe you should take this opportunity in your life to appreciate what that means - it's an opportunity to spend time with family and friends, and above all, to draw closer to Christ. I really feel that the ultimate reason for all divorces stems from personal insecurities (which may be caused by a variety of things), being that as it may, your security needs to come from Christ, but you will never have it until you learn to be alone with God - until you learn that He is really all that you need. Once you realize this, that's when I think your heart and mind are equipped to make a marriage work.