Lawyers Protect Women's Health in Clinic Closing

Several lawyers worked for nearly two years to protect women from the poor health care offered at a Birmingham abortion clinic. Nicholas Beckham (Regent 2007) was one of those attorneys whose perseverance has made a tremendous difference for liberty and the protection of women's health.

Women are the heart of families and their restoration, and protection of women's health care is foundational to that fact. See the story below from Life Legal Defense Foundation:

"For almost two years, LLDF attorneys Katie Short and Allison Aranda worked with local Birmingham attorneys Trenton Garmon, Nicholas Beckham and Philip Jauregui to make it possible for pro-life advocates to counsel women with a crisis pregnancy at the New Woman, All Woman (NWAW) abortion clinic in Birmingham, Alabama. Because pro-life advocates were able to remain on the public sidewalk adjacent to NWAW they were also able to observe activities that demonstrated this was an unsafe place for women to seek "medical treatment." The resulting reports by pro-life advocates to the Alabama Department of Public Health resulted in the revocation of NWAW's license and LLDF is delighted to report that the clinic is officially closed.

Life Legal Defense Foundation will continue to communicate with Father Terry Gensemer of the Charismatic Episcopal Church, the Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, Operation Rescue and others to monitor any plans to reopen an abortion clinic at the former location of NWAW. Due to the efforts of the organizations and individuals mentioned above one application for licensure has already been denied. More."

For more information visit http://www.realestateforlife.org/lifelegal.

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