Michelle Bachmann Addresses Regent Graduates as America's Hope for Restoration

Saturday's graduation ceremonies at Regent University was highlighted by an inspiring speech by Minnesota Congresswoman and past Presidential Candidate Michelle Bachmann. A member of the last graduating class of the Coburn School of Law—originally housed at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Okla., and moved to Regent Law School—Bachmann is well acquainted with the heritage of the university, holding a Regent University Juris Doctor diploma herself. She conveyed that these graduates are the hope for restoring America.

Recounting the faith history of Virginia, the faith founding of America, all linked with the faith of graduates and the myriad prayers of their family members and friends who supported them in their degree completion, Representative Bachmann weaved a beautiful tapestry of the historical moment in each graduate's life. "My purpose today is to remind you that none of this would have been possible without the generations who have come before you," she said. "Everything you see here is a result of faith and prayer."

"Facebook and Twitter feeds swelled with congratulatory comments and declarations of freedom this weekend as 1,226 Regent University graduates closed one chapter of their lives to begin another at Commencement on Saturday, May 5. More than 5,500 friends and family members attended the event to celebrate as graduates from all eight of the university's schools crossed a sunbaked stage on the Library Plaza at Regent's campus in Virginia Beach, Va." See the full article here.

Restoration is desperately needed, on a personal basis, and a national basis. Bachmann warned of the "urgent, perilous times" the graduates are entering. Bachmann responded to a call to law school, and understands what it means to enter the arena of conflict toward authentic hope, change and restoration.

"Bachmann said the 'eternal truths' she learned in law school guided her career and would guide those of the graduates, too. 'As believers, we cannot shy away from political problems, and we shouldn't. There's a move to tell Christians to get out of politics. Don't listen to it.' It's the spiritual problems she witnessed that caused her to run for president, she said. Bachmann withdrew from the Republican presidential nomination race in January, and she endorsed Mitt Romney on Thursday when they visited Portsmouth. 'In the political world that I have been called to, I certainly cannot escape from the seriousness of the hour we live in,' Bachmann said. 'I do believe these are urgent, perilous times. And I think it's directly tied to the fact that for too long, our nation has neglected a fidelity to the truth of God's word.' Regent graduates have been entrusted with an important role in society, she said: 'We are all called to minister somewhere in some way. You have been called, each one of you'." See the full article here at the Virginian-Pilot.

Representative Bachmann has visited Regent's Family Law classes in the past to discuss family restoration for children who desperately need families. Restoration happens one child at a time finding a family; one person at a time reconciling to peace with God; one marital reconciliation at a time; one family restoration at a time; and one graduate at a time - investing his or her life for hope and restoration for a world in need.

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