What Families Need to Know About Nursing Home Abuse

Family restoration can involve the protection of senior family members, particularly when they may be vulnerable in physical and mental health.

Recent Elder Law student Alycia Schwarz, Juris Doctorate Candidate 2012, and President of Public Interest Legal Advocates of Regent (PILAR), has written about this area of law, and what can be done to protect seniors.

Alycia's article discusses whether the system of implementation of the Federal Nursing Home Reform Act of 1987, which is designed to protect our elderly, is adequately implemented when our loved ones are abused. As the baby boomer generation ages, the care and protection of many senior citizens is placed in our hands. Vulnerable elders should be informed of their rights, as well as encouraged and assisted in voicing grievances when it comes to personal care. In fact, nursing home injury claims are ways that attorneys can protect seniors and their families. Read her entire article here.

Nursing home injury suits have surged in the past few years. Due to the vulnerability of elderly patients, injuries are often severe, and jury verdicts can reach into the millions. Families need to be aware of how to protect their elderly members, and attorneys assist in that process.

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