Personal Purity is the Best Foundation for a Strong Marriage and Family

Olympic hurdler and Iowa track athlete, Lolo Jones, now 29, recently shared her personal stand for purity on HBO's "Real Sports with Bryant Gumbal."

Real Sports #182 – Lolo Jones – Until Marriage.

The Today Show also reported on Lolo Jones' decision and lifestyle of staying a virgin until marriage. See that report at

Families based on a marriage like the one Lolo desires form the strongest foundation for family strength.

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  1. I applaud Lolo's commitment to chastity and virtue. In an era of moral relativity, those who publicly stand for abstinence and personal purity are few and far between. Yet abstinence until marriage is not only God-ordained, but it also effects society in a variety of positive ways: economically, socially, and morally. Conversely, sexual promiscuity negatively effects society.

    I love these talking points from a film called Irreplaceable, produced by a Christian family advocacy group called Focus on the Family:

    "When you devalue sex, you devalue marriage. When you devalue marriage, you devalue parenthood. When you devalue parenthood, you devalue children."

    To this list I would add: "When you devalue children, you devalue life, and when you devalue life, you ultimately devalue God." If we are to strengthen our society economically, socially, and morally, then we must strengthen the fundamental unit of society -- the family. A building block of strong families is formed when the standard of abstinence until marriage is embraced. Kudos to Lolo for her willingness to publicly and unabashedly stand for truth!