Gosnell Murder Convictions Illustrate Value for Women, Children and Future Families

Kermit Gosnell was convicted yesterday of 261 criminal counts in his work as an abortion doctor in downtown Philadelphia when he killed babies born alive and recklessly caused the death of a mother who was his patient.

The jury determined that Baby A, Baby B, and Baby C were intentionally murdered while alive, convicting Gosnell of first degree murder, a crime punishable by death in Pennsylvania.  The Washington Post reported on the trial and the convictions on its website.

This was a horrifying abortion-related crime.  The Times reported that media hesitated to cover it because it revealed the gruesome nature of abortion.  They reported that the crimes illustrate the horrors of abortion, how poverty is exploited in abortion, and how race is a target of abortion.  See that article here

Regent University School of Law is producing lawyers who will bring about similar convictions of those who murder women and children.  The Gosnell case proves that criminal laws and clinic regulations can work to protect women, children, and future families harmed by abortion.  Indeed, the law is more than a profession - it's a calling.

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