Changing a Child's Life with Adoption - "One Starfish at a Time"

Adoption makes a world of difference for a child who needs a family.  The new book by Dana Wynn Steele, a frequent guest lecturer at Family Law at Regent University School of Law, evidences this truth loud and clear in "One Starfish at a Time."

Join the Steeles on the never ending roller coaster ride of their family life as they share the ups, twists and turns of an ever changing family which now numbers seventeen, with more anticipated. Dana Wynn Steele shares the stories of their special needs children and their adoptions, including one during her battle with breast cancer. As a speaker on domestic, trans-racial, and open adoption, Dana leads us through the challenging maze that sometimes seems insurmountable when adopting through foster care. You'll see the difficulties and share the joys of parenting children who have never experienced "normal" home life. From the adopted rescue animals to the adopted children, life is always surprising at Homestead Ranch, the Steele home. Parents, pastors, teachers, social workers, and anyone who has a heart for vulnerable children will glean from the spiritual truths, blessings, and lessons Dana imparts as she shares their journey with the family God has uniquely given them.

Family restoration for a child who needs a loving family begins with adoption.  "One Starfish at a Time" reveals this so clearly, and is available on Amazon.com.

If you are interested in the legal basis for adoption and why it is important to children, you can read more about its history and rich tradition in the protection of the best interests of children by downloading the free article entitled "Tracing the Foundations of the Best Interests of the Child Standard in American Jurisprudence," published by the Journal of Law and Family Studies, 10 J. L. FAM. STUD. 337(2008).  Adoption is family restoration that finds a family for a child who needs one.

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