SCOTUS Marriage Arguments Affirming State Regulation?

Marriage as state domestic relations regulations is being argued before the Supreme Court of the United States today. 

Based on the Court's previous ruling in United States v. Windsor, Justices were express in that case in their affirmation of the right of states to regulate family law through marriage entry requirements.  That opinion from June of 2013 written by Justice Anthony Kennedy affirms state power to regulate marriage at least twenty-nine times. Find out about those 29 statements in favor of state marriage regulation at http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2462093

Generally Justice Kennedy is considered the swing vote for liberal policies, but his respect for democracy, federalism, and the rule of law may play a major role in the outcome of today's arguments.  So while Windsor repudiated the federal definition of marriage, it simultaneously upholds state regulation of family law - what is now before the High Court.  Family Restoration toward family strength requires a firm foundation of state regulation for marriage.  What the Supreme Court does in the marriage cases before the Court today will determine whether states will regulate marriage entry.

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