Rescue from Child Sacrifice - the Ultimate Child Advocacy

Pastor Peter Sewakiryanga with young, rescued children.
     Child sacrifice is a very real horror facing unprotected children in an age of theoretical children’s rights. Being a part of ending it is the ultimate child advocacy in a world desperately in need of family restoration.

Regent Law Professor Ernie Walton and Pastor Peter
     Pastor Peter Sewakiryanga lives a life of courage to rescue children from child sacrifice in Uganda. He addressed Regent Law Chapel earlier this month, illustrating his work as a calling from God to console parents who have lost children to witch-doctor abductions and sacrifice. 

     Regent Law students have opportunities to travel to Uganda through the Center for Global Justice summer internships to work strategically with advocates like Pastor Peter to save children from the horrors of child sacrifice.  The litigation and public policy efforts of former Regent Law students is apparent in a recent article entitled,“Confronting Child Sacrifice in Uganda: A Multi-Layered View,” co-written by Brian Dennison, Frieda Faith Letacie and Heather Pate (Regent Law 2014), presented at the 3rd Annual Regional Children Rights Conference, Nakuru, Kenya, on the 18th of November in 2013 (forthcoming Kabarak University 2014).

     International law and the UN Handbook explicitly prohibit child sacrifice, but those efforts are not curbing the problem as one might expect.  Rather, it’s brave individuals like Pastor Peter who are making a difference in saving children.

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  1. I'm deeply unsurprised that international law against child sacrifice isn't changing behavior within communities. How could it, in the absence of either enforcement mechanisms or social sea change?

    Unless we're willing to embrace an unprecedented level of international interference in sovereign nations, people like Pastor Peter and the folks working to promote more protection within the legal systems and societies of the countries involved are the only way to help these kids.