What to do When Your Spouse Says, "I Don't Love You Anymore"?

     The wedding vows said "until death do us part," but now one spouse has decided otherwise.

     The key to salvaging any hope for the marriage is the theme of Focus on the Family's "Finding Restoration When Love is Gone," featuring marriage therapist and author Dr. David Clarke.  Drawing from three decades of counseling experience, and his book What to Do When Your Spouse Says "I Don't Love You Anymore," Dr. Clarke emphasizes that there is no basis for "mutual fault"—the decision to bail out, instead of working through problems, is a personal choice made by the offending spouse.  Clark lays out critical guidelines for repentance and healing, including full transparency regarding all sinful actions, an immediate and complete end to any extramarital affair, and the importance of involving pastors, counselors and accountability partners.

     Realistic reconciliation in an age of divorce is still possible.

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