Election 2016 and your family

Election 2016 may have you confused on what to do for your family. With two imperfect candidates you may be considering not voting at all.  While this election will determine who leads America for the next four years, it will affect your family in many important ways, including Supreme Court appointments, state and federal policies on taxes, health care, and protecting women and children from the harms of abortion.  If you are thinking of not voting, please think again.  The Family Policy Alliance’s latest video may echo just what you are feeling.     


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Election day requires voter knowledge to protect families and their restoration.  The Virginia Catholic Conference has released a presidential guide to aid voters in their decision in the presidential election. The organization, a longtime partner of the Saint Thomas More Society, is the public policy agency representing Virginia's Catholic bishops, but provides basic principles helpful for all with a Christian worldview.  The importance these issues play for families cannot be overstated.  For more clarity on why this federal election is important to state family law see Marriage, State Domestic Regulations Power, and Family Strength.  


The guide entitled
 "Know the Positions of the Presidential Candidates" was a joint project of the Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Florida Conferences. Compiled to help voters understand where the candidates stand on important issues before casting their ballots, these positions have vast implications for families and family law. The guide also contains information about the two major-party candidates. Guidelines for political activities for parishes and other congregations can be found here. Additional materials from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) can be found here.  For more information, see the Virginia Catholic Conference website.

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