Gender Identity, Body Parts and Family Restoration

This blog post is from 3L & current Wills, Trusts & Estates student Katherine Thomas on family and life planning, highlighting some family restoration challenges:


In reflecting about my advanced directive I had a thought regarding organ donations and about the momentum toward transgender identity. If I die, I would be happy to be an organ donor; however, I do not want my female reproductive organs to go to an individual who feels like he should have been born a female. A quick bit of research revealed that female reproductive organ transplants could become a major pursuit in the future. This article was an eye opener for me on this issue - https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/how-a-transgender-woman-could-get-pregnant/. Considering the recent transgender equality initiative, should the types of procedures mentioned in this article be successfully implemented, females need to be aware that their female organs could be donated to support a transgender male's aspirations of becoming a female. 

As a Christian woman, I believe God made each of us special, unique to our own individual design, and with a purpose. God does not make mistakes and He did not make a mistake when He decided whether any person is male or female. I believe in equality but am troubled by this movement. If someone says he or she wants to identify as or even become a woman, I cannot stop them, but it is against my faith for those desires to be advanced, manipulating God's design, through the use of my body parts.


To consider more on this issue download and read A Christian Perspective on Gender Equality. Family restoration happens in the thoughtful process necessary in every area of our lives.

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