Farmer Banned from Farmer's Market for Beliefs on Marriage

An organic farmer in Michigan who wants to sell food to anyone and everyone at a local farmer's market has been prohibited from doing so by the city that runs the farmer's market.  Last week East Lansing, Michigan, banned the farmer from participating in this year's market.  Why? Because the farmer believes that marriage is the union of one man and one woman.  Read the full story here.



Attorneys for Alliance Defending Freedom who represent the farmer, Steve Tennes, offered this analysis: “Let’s be clear about what’s going on here: Government officials are forcing a farmer to either recant his religious views or give up an opportunity to serve the community. … City officials are thus discriminating against Tennes and his family for their religious views. But the Constitution forbids the government from fencing out people of faith simply because it doesn’t like their beliefs.”

Religious beliefs, even those on marriage in the wake of Obergefell, are protected by religious freedom.  See at page 3 why Marriage, State Domestic Relations Power, and Family Strength do not conflict, but empower a state’s citizenry.

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