Should Pregnancy Resource Centers be Compelled to Advertise Abortion?

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) will be reviewing petitions to determine whether or not such case(s) will be accepted for argument next term, which begins October 2, 2017. One of the cases to be reviewed considers how far speech about abortion can be compelled.

The National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA) has brought a suit against the state of California in NIFLA v. BecerraThe issue presented by this case is whether the free speech and free exercise clause of the First Amendment prohibits California from compelling licensed pro-life centers to post information on how to obtain a state-funded abortion and from compelling unlicensed pro-life centers to disseminate a disclaimer to clients on site and in any print and digital advertising.  The Ninth Circuits opinion can be found here.  To learn more see NIFLA and SCOTUS Blog

NIFLA represents more than 1,430 PRC's across the country.  To find a NIFLA Member Center near you, go to www.nifla.org and click on any state below.

While Roe’s Effect on Family Law  has been very harmful to women, marriage, parenting, and romance, A Christian Perspective on Gender Equality is helpful in protecting women from the destruction of abortion.  Family restoration can work to protect the lives of women and children, and pregnancy resource centers work to do just that. 

To understand how abortion has injured women see The Rise and Fall of Women’s Rights: Have Sexuality and Reproductive Freedom Forfeited Victory?  Pregnancy resource centers and the women who visit them need to have free speech rights to discuss their options to save the lives of their unborn children, as well as protect themselves from the harms of abortion.

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